Иранская секция IBBY

Совета по детской книге Ирана объявляет о начале приема статей для третьей Биеннале детской литературы и изучение ребенка. Конференция состоится осенью 2018 года в Тегеране (Иран) под названиемChildrens Literature andOtherness

Тезисы должны быть представлены не позднее 22 августа 2018 года по электронной почте cbcseminar@gmail.com

Подробная информация о конференции:

Children’s Book Council of Iran

Third Biennale of Children’s Literature and Child Studies

Children’s Literature and “Otherness”

Children’s Book Council (Iranian National Section of IBBY) announces acceptance of articles for the Third Biennale of Children’s Literature and Child Studies. The conference will be held in the Fall, 2018, in Tehran (Iran) under the title:  Children’s Literature and “The Other”.


“The Other” is an individual or a group of people who are different from us and we don’t identify ourselves with them. “The Other” can be people of different ethnicity, religion, culture, gender, ideology, or language. In the third biennale for Children’s Literature and Child Studies these questions are explored:

How do people of different communities create “The Other” and define their identity with it? Does this process result in social discrimination? How does it reflect in children’s literature? Does literature have a role in increasing or decreasing discrimination based on differences? Whether and how does it appear in today’s children’s literature in Iran?

How is “otherness” reflected in children’s literature in other countries? To what extent have authors, translators and illustrators considered ethnicities and minorities within their community in their literary creations? How is “The Other” reflected in the pedagogical/promotional literature, and in the digital media?


Theoretical explorations:

Who is “The Other”?  Theoretical approaches to defining “Self”, “Other” and “Identity”.

  • “The Other”, social discrimination, national coherence and identity
  • “The Other”, culture and ethics
  • “The Other”, ideology and politics

Literary explorations:

  • “The Other” in the history of children’s literature (classics, folklore, oral, )
  • “The Other” in Iranian contemporary children’s literature (various genres, translation/authorship, text/ illustration)
  • “The Other” in worldwide children’s literature

Practical explorations:

  • “The Other” and the creation of literature (literature for children with special needs, minorities, migrants, etc.)
  • “The Other” in pedagogical literature and text books
  • “The Other” in the digital world (computer games, digital media, etc.)

How to participate:

Abstracts must be submitted to:  cbcseminar@gmail.com not later than August 22, 2018. The abstracts must be submitted as a Word file, limited to 400/ 500 words and include a title, key words, a brief description of the subject, a brief description of research approach, and results.

Personal identification, telephone number, and email address must be included in the abstract.

Translated from  Persian by Leila Alemi